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The Harvard International Review is a quarterly magazine offering insight on international affairs from the perspectives of scholars, leaders, and policymakers. Since our founding in 1979, we've set out to bridge the worlds of academia and policy through outstanding writing and editorial selection.

The quality of our content is unparalleled. Each issue of the Harvard International Review includes exclusive interviews and editorials by leading international figures along with expert staff analysis of critical international issues. We have featured commentary by 43 Presidents and Prime Ministers, 4 Secretaries-General, 4 Nobel Economics Prize laureates, and 7 Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Our articles have been quoted and featured in magazines, newspapers, books, and Web sites around the world, and they are required readings at univeristies from California to Taiwan.

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Joseph S. Nye, Former Dean Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

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Wilfried Martens, Prime Minister of Belgium

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Richard G. Lugar*, Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee*

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Shimon Peres The Dalai Lama J. K. Galbraith Amartya Sen Joseph Stiglitz Bill Clinton Wesley Clark Samuel Huntington Chen Shui-bian

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